If Men Got Pregnant

What if men (we’re really talking about “males” more specifically) got pregnant?

- ‘Paternity leave’ would be months long.

- Breast feeding wouldn’t be protested against.

- Men would be hired for jobs even if they are young and of “fertile age”. The potential for pregnancy wouldn’t be a limiting factor to land the job.

- Men would be deemed “capable of loving and nurturing”.

- Men’s bare-chests would be viewed as sexual and lewd; likely to be censored on TV (before 10 pm at least).

- Men would have to buy a new size of clothing during each stage and after pregnancy.

- Men’s body’s may never look the way they did before giving birth.

- Men would be on a restricted diet and told not to smoke, drink, or eat certain foods for nine months.

- A new market would open up that would bombard men about their bodies and how working out, losing water weight, & reducing stretch marks ought to be on the forefront of their minds.

- If a man became pregnant as a result of rape, no one would force him endure the pregnancy or restrict abortion.

- Birth control would not only be legal, but would be available in vending machines next to Doritos.

If men got pregnant, things would be different…

Sacchi Patel