Women’s Future Month

Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month across the United States. We shall save the debate how women’s history should be synonymous with American history for another time. This month rather than looking back at the Susan B. Anthonys, Eleanor Roosevelts, and Harriet Tubmans, let’s look forward to our sisters and the work that they are doing for the betterment of all humankind.

Let’s look at the women of Feminisiting fighting tirelessly to shine a light on the all but ignored rape culture that exists in our society or those the staff of Planned Parenthood’s working to offer sexual and reproductive health care to women across the country. Let’s look in our own families to the mothers who raise us. Let’s look at ourselves and ask “what are we doing as men to create an equal and just society?”

The future is what we make it and as we look out at proposed cuts to women’s health services and at Congress’ recent attempt to redefine rape, we need to make some changes.  There is a lot women have done that we should honor and cherish, but we can’t ignore the present and the future and make ourselves feel better by looking at strong women of the past. It’s going to take a united effort by all of us to create a future that they would be proud of.


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