Meet the most recent additions to the MasculinityU Team!

Stephanie Blanco, Vice President

Stephanie has served as a dedicated volunteer to the Syracuse University R.A.P.E Center for 4 years. During the four years at the center, she was co-leader to Sex-Esteem which is a peer education group advocating for healthy relationships and celebrating sexuality; a Mentor in Violence Prevention Peer Educator for 3 years, encouraging empower bystanders and action against all forms of violence; and co-chair for the events committee for Take Back the Night 2010 and 2011.

Stephanie has been a social advocate since high school, volunteering for the AIDS Walk NYC office for 3 years; avid volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, and a TA for a community service course for Habitat for Humanity at Syracuse University.

Noelle Smart, Marketing and Social Media Intern

Noelle Smart is a senior at Lehigh University, where she is pursuing a B.A. in Women’s Studies. She is actively involved on campus with the Women’s Center, where she has previously worked as an intern, and with the Rainbow Room, where she is currently a staff member. As a member of the Break the Silence program at Lehigh, she has served on-call to provide support and resources for survivors of gendered violence and has facilitated presentations to various campus groups.

Her upcoming projects include: co-producing V-Day Lehigh 2012; working as a student organizer for “A Week Without Violence,” Take Back the Night, and the annual candlelight vigil for Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley; and conducting an independent study on LGBTQI survivors of sexual and domestic violence and analyzing how these topics are addressed in anti-violence initiatives in higher education.


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