Fine allegations | Campus advocacy groups hope to learn, foster conversation from scandal (preview)

MasculinityU gets interviewed by SU paper on Bernie Fine, and next steps. Check out the preview below and continue to read by clicking the link directing you to the Daily Orange website.

Syracuse, NY.

By Meghin Delaney (Daily Orange – Syracuse University Student Newspaper)

The news of sexual abuse allegations against Bernie Fine hit close to home for some advocacy groups at Syracuse University.

MasculinityU, a group with roots at SU, is a movement to spread knowledge on how to prevent violence and to encourage gender equality among males. The group was founded at SU by Marc Peters and Sacchi Patel, two alumni, in fall 2010.

Rather than attempting to assess who is guilty and who is telling the truth while this scandal continues to rock SU, the group is reaching out to the community to try to find ways to empower one another, Patel said. An interactive segment on MasculinityU’s national blog asks readers to reflect on potentially abusive behaviors and preventative solutions.

“We are extending an offer to anyone who wants to write a guest blog based on their thoughts and experiences on the Fine situation, why men need to be a part of the work or abuse prevention in general, to submit their piece to us for consideration to be displayed to our readers on an international level,” Patel said. ….

Read the Full Article Here


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