Now Trending: #itaintrapeif

As you may have seen, the hashtag #itaintrapeif (it ain’t rape if) trending on Twitter recently.

As men, we have a responsibility to not only identify this as an injustice, but we must also speak out and get pro-active.  We know that rape impacts all of us whether its directly or indirectly.

So perhaps we can counter this “trending topic” by starting our own. Let’s post these as our twitter hashtags and Facebook status updates. We can also be ready to use these and spring into action when another pro-rape topic trends.

Here are some suggestions:





i.e. #itaintlove if you get her drunk to have sex

1 in 4 women are the victims/survivors of attempted or completed rape. Speak out. #rapeisntajoke

When she says “no”, I didn’t take that as “keep trying”. #MenVsRapeCulture

When we take part in any activism, we always need to keep in mind how we’re saying things and what they might mean coming from men. (remember, we hold societal power over women and the things we say or do may have a great deal of weight behind them… In other words – remember not to be overbearing, more patriarchal, or hyper-masculine when trying to speak out.) Also, remember – try to keep it as positive as possible!  We need a nice balance of a healthy display of activism, while being radical, and not disrespectful. — Easier said than done = )

Let’s make this trend!


Sacchi Patel, Co-Founder MasculinityU


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