Welcome to MasculinityU!

In honor of the New Year and our many new followers and supporters, we thought it might be a good idea to re-post some of our earliest posts! –Here is one the the first pieces, describing our vision of MasculinityU–

What does it mean to be a man? In today’s culture it means demeaning women. It means breaking down our brothers instead of building them up. It means status symbols: cars owned, women slept with, money in the bank. It means showing no weakness, protecting your pride, and “manning up” when times get hard. It means saying “no homo” after every compliment, lest people think you’re gay. It means calling men who are in touch with their emotional side “b—hes” or “p*$$**s”. It means never stepping out of the box society made for us and shoving people back in if they do anything to question societal norms.

It means we have a problem.

We can choose to stay with the status quo. We can choose to refuse to grow and change. We can decide that our image is worth more than our soul. We can do all of that OR we can start making the tough choices. We can challenge societal norms. We can evade the path of least resistance. We can temporarily sacrifice our image to make a permanent change in society.

MasculinityU isn’t the end-all, be-all solution. We don’t even seek to be the destination. Rather we hope to guide a generation of men as they start to rethink masculinity and make their own informed decisions. We hope to challenge our brothers to think about the meaning behind their words and the motivations behind their actions.

As we travel the country, we will document it here. We will also use this space to post commentary on the news of the day. This will be a place to foster conversation about these important issues and we encourage you to comment and send the site to your friends.

We named this initiative MasculinityU because we want it to be about constantly teaching and always learning. We must never stop educating ourselves and learning from the experiences of others, especially women. They’ve been talking to us for years and years and we’ve failed to listen to their lived experiences. It’s time for that to change.

Thank you for joining us as we set out on this journey.

Much love,

Marc Peters and Sacchi Patel
MasculinityU Co-Founders


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