Quick thought: On Brotherhood

In addition to returning to bringing you a weekly EmpowerMENt and our typical extended musings, the MasculinityU team is introducing a new recurring segment called “Quick Thoughts”. While we generally like to take the time to fully reflect on the issues of the day, it often results in us not being able to bring you timely news on issues important to people committed to this cause.

Case in point, last month a Vermont fraternity was kicked off campus for having its members take a survey where they ranked women they would most like to rape. This type of behavior is despicable and flies in the face of what fraternities claim to stand for. Though they’ve come to be known for drinking, rowdy behavior and mistreatment of women, these organizations were founded on the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and service. Men who join fraternities in college need to take a good long look in the mirror and try to measure up to what society demands. We need to respect women, not demean them. We need to act responsibly, not recklessly. We need to think before we act. I hate to sound like I’m lecturing, but making a joke of rape in the name of fraternity unity is a disgrace to not just this organization, but to men everywhere. We must start holding each other accountable for our actions if we are ever going to make a change.


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