“Ally Alert: Interview with Sacchi Patel, Co-Founder of MasculinityU”

[preview] via nicole-clark.com   …I first found out about Sacchi via Twitter (follow Sacchi here…and MasculinityU’s Twitter here ), and I love the work that he’s doing! It’s always refreshing to see more men standing up for women while encouraging more men to challenge accepted societal norms of masculinity.

I can’t think of a better person to kick off Ally Alert. Read more about Sacchi, how he navigates his role as an ally to women, and his work with young men in helping them to re-define masculinity.

MasculinityU works to help men and boys rethink what it means to be a man, to challenge the societal perceptions that limit and restrict their growth, and to encourage men and boys to develop their own definition of masculinity. What was the driving force behind MasculinityU’s creation?

Marc Peters (co-founder) and I learned early on that sexual assault and rape is much more about masculinity than we ever had considered.  In understanding that, we must challenge dominant ideology and target potential perpetrators of rape rather than potential victims/survivors, we figured out that we needed to work with our own population: men and boys.  At first we were passionate about encouraging each other to “redefine masculinity” but after taking some time to reflect, we realized that we’re advocating for a much more fluid and self-defined definition of masculinity.  We need not to tell men how to act; that’s been the problem. We’ve found that masculinity is so rigid in definition and can absolutely harbor the foundations of violence and rape culture. ….Read More Here 


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