Go Daddy. No, seriously… Go. | A Look into This Year’s Super Bowl Ads

A Few Servings of Cars, Beer-Fetching Dogs,  a Dash of Flying Babies, With Just a Pinch of Misogyny (and by a pinch, I mean a whole lot): The Perfect Recipe for a Good Old Fashion Super Bowl Ad.

Let’s just get right into it.  By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock (or just oblivious to gender socialization), you may have noticed that sexism, violence, and beer plague the T.V. screen for all but the actual 60 minutes of football action Sunday night.

So what did we see that was not-so-healthy?

Well there is always the highly-anticipated and disturbingly increasing: people getting messed up by way of physical violence. (See dude getting mauled by cheetah)

Or you can refer to a woman violently head butting Uncle Jesse over some Yogurt (See Yogurt Ad).

Oh how about some good-clean use of several women to make up a dude’s sofa? And yes, they thought it would make it “less-slavery-ish” by showing dudes in the same position for women to sit on.  Of course we know that those are the only two possibilities because only heterosexual human slavery is the only acceptable and constitutional way.  – This is one of the most bizarre displays at the “typical American fantasy” I have seen in a while…selling a Japanese Car.  (See Toyota “Reinvented” )

There are always lots of talking points when we highlight a commercial on “what guys dream about” (See Kia Optima Commercial).  This one of course was for desperate-to-be-called-luxury-car Kia Optima.  They show a man’s dream consisting of several seconds (in dream-time–does that translate into hours in real time?) of panning up and down a white women’s body while she is obviously lusting for a “real man” to come take her away.  Oh, and there is a Kia Optima in there too.

And last-but-not-le- actually, it is, least. Let’s talk about the most blatant objectification of women to sell…. Domain Names!? (See Go Daddy Ad). Well, I guess this one shouldn’t be surprising since this has been the advertising goal for GoDaddy.Com for years now.  I wonder if they sit around a room and say

“What are new and exciting ways that we can defile, degrade, and objectify women, for this year’s Super Bowl Ad? Oh and Danica, If you come up with the idea, there’s a special bonus in it for you – You get to be hyper-sexualized and disregarded in it too!”

This one especially pisses me off – I just don’t get it.  Okay, if we look back at beer ads at least we know that companies are targeting men (hetero, of course) and they have made a multi-billion dollar argument (and a weak attempt to vindicate it) that selling their product next to naked women makes sense.  As screwed up at this caveman logic is –.  There are clear relationships between men, beer, women, and hyper masculinity. Through these commercials, we’ve essentially taught our society that it is manly to drink beer and sleep with as many women as possible. – Though certainly not a healthy attitude, we know that this is one of the messages our society has learned.

But what the heck do Domain Names have to do with Masculinity???  I really am lost on this one. I can’t picture dudes at a bar smashing down beers comparing the number of women they slept with that week and one guy saying, “I bought www.BeerIsAwesome.eu> last night” or “Dude, you hear that www.PokemonIsStillIn.net is going up to auction tomorrow?. ”

None-the-less, we’ve obviously sent messages as a culture that the best way to sell anything is by painting it onto women’s naked bodies.  Dammit Go-Daddy.

So, what have we learned from this year’s Super Bowl Ads Brain?  The same thing we learn every year Pinky – Rigid Gender Roles 101: Men drive fast cars, drink beers, dream of and have lots of dirty sex, and buy domain names? while women are useful for sex, male sexual fantasies, and getting men beer – wait that job has now been outsourced to dogs…

Activists unite! We have lots more work to do!

Sacchi Patel, Co-Founder MasculinityU
Morristown, NJ.  February 2012.

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