Quick Thought: Chris Brown at the Grammys

When we idolize people, we have a tendency to idolize their behavior in a way that is problematic. In the case of Chris Brown it sends a disturbing message to: the young women who crush on him about how they deserve to be treated, to young men who want to be him about how they can treat women, and to all people everywhere about the kind of society we live in.

From http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/horrible-reactions-to-chris-brown-at-the-grammys:

Buzzfeed posted 25 of these, but I’m sure there are many more out there on Twitter and many more people out there in general who are having that same reaction. Just because someone is talented does not give them the right to behave the way he behaved. When we know better, we do better and we need to make sure that young people know better than he did.


3 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Chris Brown at the Grammys

  1. Why are you mad at Chris, he has paid his dues, did what he was suppose to pleaded guilty, etc. So why are you mad at him when he did not write those tweets. He is just trying to get on with his life. We as a people judge and we should not. We will not say something about a
    Winans, terraqnce howard, etc but we jump on chris, is it because of his age or that the others were married to the women they beat. Hitting is not cool but I think people are going too far. If you dont like him fine but dont like him over something he did not what others are during. Lets grow up, life is short.

  2. LOLOL. The post above is incredibly immature and short sighted. Chris Brown paid absolutely no dues. He beat up a woman; a woman he supposedly LOVED. And he got probation. We as a society should absolutely judge people who are violent towards other human beings. Should we hate them? No. But they should be held accountable continuously until they do something positive or to make reparations. Chris Brown did nothing to demonstrate what he did was no ok. Life is indeed short. Too short for us to accept men who hit, smash, and hurt women should be exalted up on a stage.

    – The Don.

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