Are You Kidding Me Vinny?

Just saw a preview for next week’s episode of #JerseyShore and I couldn’t stay silent.

The artist formerly known as the “Good Guy” Vinny, finds two lesbian women at the bar as he brings them home for his ultimate “test”.

“I want lesbians. What better challenge than a girl who doesn’t like penis.” ~Vinny

Um corrective rape much?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what corrective rape is, here is a “good” way to sum it up; I overheard this being said in the locker room of the gym last week:

Dude #1: “Damn bro, she’s a lesbian? Fucking waste.”

Dude #2: “Nah dude, she’s just needs my dick. That will straighten her right out.”

How is Vinny’s conquest any different here?

Stop playing scared Vinny, #TakeOffYourMasc


Sacchi Patel.   March, 2012

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