“What a Beautiful Day”: How We Value the Feminine

Its 65 degrees and Sunny today I found myself about to Tweet “What a Beautiful Day” or “What a Gorgeous Day” and I took a second to think about what that might mean.

Would it ever be appropriate to say “What a Handsome Day”?  Nope. So what is it about certain aspects of life that we attribute to the feminine?

My thoughts: Let’s take a look at how we describe things that “look good”;  Cars, Art, Weather, etc.

“That’s a gorgeous picture”

“My new Mustang is ‘My Baby’. She’s Beautiful”

These statements draw value solely at aesthetics; the same value we place on women. We’ve defined women to only be “worth something” is they look “good”. Or if they are “beautiful” or gorgeous”.

Further, these are very passive qualities… not to mention marinated in corrupt yet influential capitalism. Yet isn’t this the way women have been taught to be (the messages we’ve sent them)?

Be Passive, Silent, & Beautiful.

Its interesting just how deep-rooted our societies sexism (and belief system) is.


Sacchi Patel.  March 2012.

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2 thoughts on ““What a Beautiful Day”: How We Value the Feminine

  1. The author needs to do a little historical research.
    The practice of naming inanimate objects as female actually extends back in history much farther than capitalism/colonialism. It is a practice rooted in the naming of all inanimate forces of nature as feminine, especially those that are known for being nurturing and considered necessary. It goes back to homage of the Mother-God Astarte and, in the ways noted, persists – subtly – in *spite* of the paternalistic society in which we currently live. Not *because of it.
    At the core of what we see as “Beauty,” whether of the weather or our favorite car, is an honor to The Feminine in our world. Rather than be seen as patronizing, we should see it as one of the few remnants of positive recognition to womanhood.
    Today IS a beautiful day!

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