Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April marks the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As men we need to take responsibility for our roles in sexual violence prevention and do our part. Use the following hashtags as you spread awareness and speak out against sexual violence on twitter:


As men, we need to support and “show up” to events that spread awareness. Where invited and appropriate, we ought to lend a hand and become more proactive.

Friendly Reminder: As men, we ought to always keep in mind our (male) privilege and how it can operate when we work with women (especially with sexual assault awareness events). We ought to be mindful that the work that we do (though intended to be positive) can actually undermine and further oppress women. We need to ask ourselves: are we in it to stand for women or to stand with them? Which one tends to lead to systemic equality?

MasculinityU Co-Founders,

Sacchi Patel & Marc Peters


3 thoughts on “Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  1. Hey, friends. Love the site!

    So we’re organizing a Twitter Campaign for #SAAM and would love if you participated and spread the word!

    Our plan is to tweet visions for Healthy Masculinities on April 18th at 10am PDT with the hashtag #HealthyMasculinities. Of course the #SAAM tag is always welcome too.

    You can find out more at our website here:
    We’ll announce it on twitter soon as well.

    Thanks friends!

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