If Men Got Pregnant

What if men (we’re really talking about “males” more specifically) got pregnant?

– ‘Paternity leave’ would be months long.

– Breast feeding wouldn’t be protested against.

– Men would be hired for jobs even if they are young and of “fertile age”. The potential for pregnancy wouldn’t be a limiting factor to land the job.

– Men would be deemed “capable of loving and nurturing”.

– Men’s bare-chests would be viewed as sexual and lewd; likely to be censored on TV (before 10 pm at least).

– Men would have to buy a new size of clothing during each stage and after pregnancy.

– Men’s body’s may never look the way they did before giving birth.

– Men would be on a restricted diet and told not to smoke, drink, or eat certain foods for nine months.

– A new market would open up that would bombard men about their bodies and how working out, losing water weight, & reducing stretch marks ought to be on the forefront of their minds.

– If a man became pregnant as a result of rape, no one would force him endure the pregnancy or restrict abortion.

– Birth control would not only be legal, but would be available in vending machines next to Doritos.

If men got pregnant, things would be different…

Sacchi Patel


2 thoughts on “If Men Got Pregnant

  1. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and loving this post 😉 However, I beg to differ on one point, if men got pregnant:

    – Men’s bare-chests would be viewed as sexual and lewd; likely to be censored on TV (before 10 pm at least).

    Actually, I bet they wouldn’t be viewed as sexual and lewd, I bet if men got pregnant, assuming the male-normative and respected status quo remained, they would never have been objectified to that point, so there would be no need for censorship nor would their breasts be valued and devalued as womens are, no one would treat them as body parts and use their body parts as such.

    Then again, we are increasingly becoming more and more equal in this sense, funny how instead of becoming more respectful of women’s bodies in an effort to become equal we have just become less respectful of mens bodies (of course to nowhere near the same degree), so i guess the solution is equal objectification/degradation *sigh*

    Thanks for the laugh!

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