Twitter Finds ‘Replace Band Names With Rape’ Meme to be Hilarious (As posted on Jezebel)

By: Erin Gloria Ryan

The first time I tried to load the #replacebandnameswithrape hashtag, my computer browser warned me that the page contained insecure content. “Insecure” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I’d be offended if I wasn’t so depressed. You know people fought in wars to protect our freedom of speech, right? And this is how we’re using that freedom? Okay.

Here’s the idea (and feel free to pause as often as you need so that you can laugh or fall asleep or puke on yourself): you take a band name — say, The Rolling Stones — and you replace one of the words with rape! The Rolling Rape! And then you laugh until you accidentally shoot Surge out of your nose, because it’s 1996 and you’re at a slumber party and you’re 12 and you think this is hilarious. Other entries in the hashtag’s page include My Chemical Rapemance (“Ro” isn’t a word, dumbass) and 1Rape. Shouldn’t you kids be in school?

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