Quick Thought: The Chris Brown Paradox

A few days ago Chris Brown won the BET Award for Best Male R&B Artist. Right now, his new album is on track to hit #1 on the Billboard charts. It’s easy to understand why that is. Chris Brown is immensely talented. His songs are catchy. He has a rabid and loyal fan base that rivals most this side of anyone diagnosed with Bieber Fever. Here is my problem: he’s not a good person.

Every time his fans make him number one or he sells out a show or he wins an award, all it does is reinforce to him and the rest of the world that he is above judgment. This is a man that beat his girlfriend and more recently got into a well publicized altercation at a club. The fact that we celebrate him makes me worry about the message young men are receiving about what behavior is acceptable. So long as he keeps making music with a beat we can step to, I’m not sure that it will ever change. However, we need to start thinking critically about who we idolize.



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