Here’s to the male feminists!

—Guest Post by Sister Storm

As a woman feminism is something that is very close to my heart, for obvious reasons.  It is in my best interests to want better and equality for my gender.  Of course there are many negative connotations associated with feminism that I regularly have to combat from both men and women.  I don’t hate men, I don’t want to be a man, I don’t think I am better than men; we are equal and should be treated as such in every aspect of our lives.  So with the flak I get for refusing to have my beliefs silenced and being a big scary butch man hating bitch I can only imagine the kind of shit some male feminists can get for willingly being affiliated with such a dirty word and ridiculous notion.

It is hard being a woman in the 21st century but it is equally hard to be a man, not just any kind of man though, it is damn hard to be a decent man in this day and age.  To not be ‘one of the boys’ or buy into the vile and ever increasing ‘lad culture’ phenomenon, to not laugh at rape jokes when a room erupts at the hilarity of it, to think it is completely unacceptable to follow, touch, grope, scream at, perv on or ‘compliment’ a woman who is going about her business, to voice their opinion on equality and how highly they value women.

Thankfully there are more and more men out there in the world (or as I also like to call them REAL MEN) who are perfectly willing to be considered feminists, who realize the importance of equality and are not afraid to voice their opinions on the matter and other important issues like trying to end violence against women.

So instead of bashing the arrogant, slimy, ignorant, misogynistic, uneducated ‘men’ that are crawling all over place, who don’t value or deserve to have decent women in their lives how about we give a big three cheers to the awesome men out there who are on the front line too.  These men should be celebrated and considered role models to all the confused kids out there who get pulled into a world of misogyny, not knowing their own self worth and being afraid to speak their minds.  More men like these are needed in the world, so here’s to them!

Live, laugh, love,

Sister Storm.


8 thoughts on “Here’s to the male feminists!

  1. Great post. There needs to be a new subcategory to describe male feminists (a community I consider myself part of). Perhaps Feminisirs?

  2. Hi Max, Thanks for your input and for openly saying that you are part of the
    feminist community, sadly not all men are strong enough to do this. I like your idea of a subcategory too maybe it would help more men affiliate themselves with the movement!

  3. Shine on Sacchi! I’m so glad to have real men like you to join our fight!
    -Ryan from the MCSR “From Theory to Practice” Summer 2011 cohort

  4. Much appreciated, I’ve been to a Male-Allyship Workshop recently at The Evergreen State College (where I’m about to get my BA from, at the end of August), and have had lots of conversations about this. Have you seen the Ted Talks about this? It’s a man sharing anecdotes of both growing up, and raising a son, and his metaphor of “the box” that lots of cisgendered heterosexual men are stuck in is great. He explains his ideas in a way that makes feminism a positive thing for both men and women, as an opportunity for everyone to become more in touch with their emotions (men have feelings too, what???) and connect with each other more humanly.

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