2013 Cal Poly Gender Symposium

Our co-founder Sacchi Patel gave the keynote talk at this weekend’s Gender Symposium at Cal Poly. Here is a recap of tweets about yesterday. Check it out and share with your friends!

  1. “The easiest way for men to take power is enacting violence against women.” @SacchiPatel #GenderSymposium2013
  2. “This is our chance to move to action. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and safe space.” @SacchiPatel #GenderSymposium2013
  3. “The easiest way for men to take power is enacting violence against women.” @SacchiPatel #GenderSymposium2013
  4. Ready the present! Nervous but excited! #vscocam @ CalPoly instagram.com/p/ZdhYGapBYa/
  5. @mattemeyer I think it went well! I’m exhausted, but it was totally worth it. Great discussion after.
  6. Fat and Fabulous: Gender and Sizeism #GenderSymposium2013 instagram.com/p/Zd4F_ZP7A-/
  7. Sitting through a great workshop on Assertiveness in the bedroom: Sex & Consent at #GenderSymposium2013 #calpoly
  8. Great way to end the #GenderSymposium2013 by listening to Dr. Tania Israel – on finding our feminist voice
  9. “We need a space where we can talk about nuances without trying to change each others opinions.” -Dr. Tania Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  10. “Everybody has a voice that they can bring to their community.” -Dr. Tania Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  11. “If you’re in a community that doesn’t talk about these things, how powerful could it be for you to talk?” -Dr. Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  12. “I didn’t have a place to talk about places where I didn’t experience oppression.” -Dr. Tania Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  13. “All of us can identify some part of ourselves that doesn’t experience oppression, but others do.” -Dr. Tania Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  14. “Finding your feminiset voice is about listening to the community and paying attention to what is relevant.” Dr. Israel #GenderSymposium2013
  15. The perfect ending to #GenderSymposium2013…a group sing along. instagram.com/p/ZeGzDvP7LE/
  16. Took a risk today. Flexing my confidence muscles is exhausting, but rewarding. #gendersymposium2013… instagram.com/p/ZePRWWJBSs/

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