My Brother’s Keeper – Upholding Higher Standards of Masculinity

Thoughts on being our brother’s keeper from friend of MasculinityU, Eric McGriff

One Man's Curiosity


To be your brother’s keeper means that you will look out for him. It means that you will be there to help him through his mistakes and to congratulate him in all of his triumphs. It means that you will hold yourself partially accountable for all of his successes and his failures. But, therein lies the problem with mainstream masculinity. We seem to be missing a very important piece of our masculinity that has to do with accountability, especially when it comes to men’s treatment of women.

I bring up the idea of being your brother’s keeper because if we as men began to see ourselves as our brothers’ keepers, as someone who truly wants the best for the other men in our lives it certainly does not follow that we would allow them to be objectify, degrade, and be violent toward women. As my brother’s keeper, it is my…

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