Q&A with Don McPherson – An Inspirational Black Feminist Male

Eric McGriff, friend of MasculinityU, posted a wonderful one-on-one interview with Don McPherson (a role model of mine and Sacchi’s in this work) to his personal blog. Check it out!

One Man's Curiosity


Q: Why do you, a college hall of fame quarterback, identify as a FEMINIST? And, why not choose another word to represent what you are all about?

A: I came tofeminism in my work to end men’s violence against women. As a society, we lay this burden on women; to fight all forms of oppression and violence waged against our mothers, daughters, grandmothers. While contemplating the work to which I had dedicated my life, I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Feminism is the radical view that women are people too.” It reminded me of something a priest once said during a training session I was conducting, ‘you’re talking about radical respect.’ Yes. That day, I realized that I was a feminist.

I continue to learn to respect a group of people for which I was raised not to respect. And those who took up the cause before me, regardless…

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