What you need to know about #FBRape

What you need to know about #FBRape

**TRIGGER WARNING** In case you are just having your eyes opened to the realities of the seedy underbelly of Facebook, check out some of the tweets about what is going on.

  1. I believe that if enough of us stand up together we can start to change this. jane.io/11jsXKf #FBrape
  2. Facebook can’t keep turning a blind eye to the women-haters it enables: newstatesman.com/sci-tech/2013/… #FBrape
  3. We’ve suspended our page on Facebook until they deal with the #FBrape issue. We can still be found here and on G plus.google.com/10415377362667…
  4. .@Finnair wins the award for lamest response to rape and domestic violence. #FBrape pic.twitter.com/QcyFEb9q4k @EverydaySexism
  5. “Revolution is not a one-time event.” – Audre Lorde #FBRape @EverydaySexism @MMASammich @guerrillafem pic.twitter.com/585QUvrMYE
  6. Join the action on #FBRape: Report offensive images to FB. Screenshot images with advertising. If FB doesn’t remove screenshot & share.
  7. .@MagnumIceCream says they’re “working with Facebook” In the meantime here’s their ad on ANOTHER live #FBrape page pic.twitter.com/GIfJvzKcyB
  8. RT @katsuyamasarah: Tx for pulling your ads from @facebook, @CapturChildhood! Glad you stand w/us vs. gender-based hate speech. #FBrape
  9. RT @katsuyamasarah: Tx for pulling your ads from @facebook, @WestHost! So glad you stand w/us against gender-based hate speech. #FBrape
  10. When the real-life abuse and rape of females can be rated humorous & thus protected, clearly male “humour” supercedes female trauma #FBrape
  11. How to end #VAW on @Facbook: Notice how this snippet was taken. See the advertisers? Tweet them with the pic #FBrape pic.twitter.com/d9vzCTCL4N
  12. #FACTCHECK Here’s @Facebook‘s claim re #FBrape newsroom.fb.com/Fact-Check Here’s what it really approves pic.twitter.com/gvo9iYLtUJ #PolicyNOTPages
  13. No you’re not RT @AasmahMir: RT @KellyCates: I must be the only person who didn’t realise about the horrific rape pages on facebook. #fbrape
  14. According to @facebook “Tape her and rape her” doesn’t violate their Community Standards.” #fbrape pic.twitter.com/5Mn6QXv9Vb”
  15. Facebook Rape Campaign Ignites Twitter: Boycott Threats From #FBrape Get Advertisers’ Attention: ibtimes.com/facebook-rape-…
  16. Wow “@EverydaySexism: Look how many companies have already pulled their ads from @Facebook til it deals with #FBrape womenactionmedia.org/facebookaction…”
  17. Good piece by @JaneFae @NewStatesman
    #Facebook can’t keep turning a blind eye to the women-haters it enables #FBrape tinyurl.com/qh6mwl4
  18. Too many people are ignoring this reality. Spread the word & get behind this campaign! xojane.com/issues/laura-b… #FBrape
  19. Important primer on #FBrape campaign, background on why you should support it: huffingtonpost.com/soraya-chemaly… #endrape #womensrights
  20. Sitting Down? Here’s a response from #Facebook to a request to remove this horrific page #FBrape cc @EverydaySexism pic.twitter.com/rF1mBf0cnT
  21. Told mum about #FBrape campaign & @Dove‘s part in it, her response “we won’t be buying them again!” @EverydaySexism #2ndgenerationfeminist
  22. Facebook Rejects Breast Cancer Ad For Violating Ban Against ‘Adult Products’ thinkprogress.org/health/2013/05… #FBRape
  23. It is not humor. It is gender hate speech. Take it down, FB. tinyurl.com/n3oag6e #FBrape
  24. The pics spotlighted by @EverydaySexism #fbrape campaign are unbelievable & show the depth of misogyny in our culture

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