#Feminism + #Gender at #NN13

#Feminism #Gender at #NN13

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing my first day at my first Netroots Nation. Struck by the dialogue taking place around gender and equality. Here are some highlights:

  1. Quote of the Day

  2. “Learning sex from porn is like trying to learn Kung fu by watching Jackie Chan movies.” @ibmarcia #nn13 #nn13sex
  3. #NN13Sex

  4. If we taught drivers ed in the same way we taught sex ed, we would say never step into a car you are going to die #NN13sex #NN13
  5. In order to address sexual violence we have to talk about sexual culture that endorses rape -@jaclynf #nn13sex #nn13
  6. “Rape is not an act of sexual incontinence”, but a result of a toxic attitude towards sex and power. #nn13 #nn13sex
  7. Saying the word rape is not politicians’ problem. The beliefs behind what they say are the problem -@jess_mc w/ @emilyslist #nn13
  8. .@favianna says when you tell women “Don’t be easy,” you insinuate that they aren’t making their own decisions. #nn13 #nn13sex
  9. We’ve got a whole generation of people who grew up with abstinence-only who are judging themselves and others by those standards #NN13sex
  10. .@jaclynf progressive sexual culture must be intersectional – race, economics, gender identity all affect agency #nn13sex #nn13
  11. #NN13 on #mansplaining

  12. Learning the art of mansplaining @ #nn13. Now I know all women’s problems come from women being able to make choices pic.twitter.com/lTfQnmTDC2
  13. .@AmandaMarcotte what we CAN do is normalize at every opportunity women’s authority. #nn13 #mansplaining #fem2
  14. My name for it is #asshole RT @rippleofhope: “giving something a name is very important” #mansplaining #nn13
  15. Women have power. We just aren’t using it. – @ch3ryl Time to get active! #nn13 #mansplaining
  16. Duncan Black: Men who get to 40 or 50 & are still #mansplaining have not been challenged often enough. Challenge them. #NN13
  17. .@trayf #RealTalk: corporate #edreform largely consists of #mansplaining, with the occasional token lady dispatched to cute things up. #nn13
  18. .@Atrios wants for young men that they not have to unlearn a bunch of crap like he did growing up. #Mansplaining #fem2 #nn213
  19. Let’s not defend/justify #mansplaining w “they grew up in a different era”. That’s like justifying Paula Deen’s racism cause she’s 60 #nn13
  20. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. >> That’s some #mansplaining right there. – @ch3ryl #nn13
  21. More than a challenge than an answer @ch3ryl thinking about segregation pt where it became unacceptable #nn13 #fem2 what happened?
  22. Good tip for dealing with mansplainers: give them rope. “Explain to me again how you can’t get pregnant from rape!” #nn13 #nn13women
  23. .@Atrios claims that being a blowhard is a gender-neutral phenomenon, not so sure I agree. #fem2 #nn13
  24. End of “It Wasn’t Me” might have advice for #mansplaining lawmakers – apologize change course. @ch3ryl #NN13
  25. .@AmandaMarcotte if every expert face you see on TV is a male, it gets legitimately hard to think of women as experts. #nn13 #mansplaining
  26. who knew? “In the Bay Area, women make 44cents/men’s dollar” – @ch3ryl #nn13 #mansplaining would be “you chose to make less”
  27. “@LOLGOP: Corporations are mansplainers, too, my friend. #nn13” this.
  28. #nn13mansplaining #nn13 @ch3ryl: Mansplaining by the NRA: “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Subtler than the usual hogwash.
  29. @cyn3matic @ch3ryl most often it is guys with guns that kill people…or guys without guns…guys period. Ugh.
  30. The war on women is not just policies, it’s the words used. #mansplaining explained at #nn13
  31. MT @KetyE: Women have pwr thru social media. take a Mansplainer & hv him explain it to everybody @ch3ryl “Tell me more about that..” #nn13
  32. @trayf you swayed me to follow my passion to this #mansplaining session and abandon my head back in the eval session. Thank you sir! #NN13
  33. Other #NN13 Gems
  34. Guess NetRoots was serious about the transgender manners instructions –> RT @Kredo0: #nn13 pic.twitter.com/WHKTCTdtfZ
  35. .@MomsRising leaving their mark @ #nn13! pic.twitter.com/SGevpXzlQ0
  36. And we’re back to zero thanks to Maine’s Gov. Paul LePage dayswithoutagoprapemention.com #fem2 #nn13
  37. We are “a community of people committed to radical self love.” EXACTLY. #NN13 #fem2
  38. Interesting #nnwomen nugget: When there is a legislative women’s caucus there is more bipartisan feminist legislation. #fem2 #nn13
  39. If we continue at the same rate to elevate gender equality in Congress, it will take 500yrs #genderroots #nn13 @Shannon_Farley
  40. Netroots Nation will have gender neutral bathrooms! Hurrah! Also a note in conference program about pronouns. #NN13
  41. #NN13 program, p 21 “Pay attention to a person’s purposeful gender expression. It’s polite to ask: ‘What pronoun do you prefer?'”

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