How @DoSomething Did Something About @Kickstarter

When young people ROAR change happens…

  1. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I had been at Netroots Nation for all of a day and my head was spinning. See, I had signed a petition in protest of Kickstarter to pull a project that endorsed “seduction techniques” that qualify in most states as sexual assault. I assumed that Kickstarter would see the error of their ways and pull the project. I was wrong. So I stayed up late into the nights trying to get my thoughts on paper…
  2. Open letter regarding Kickstarter’s tacit endorsement of rape culture via @masculinityU #NN13 #NN13women #fem2
  3. And then I emailed some allies in the work in the hope that they would share the blog in the morning…
  4. Dear @kickstarter, sexual assault should not be funded! @MasculinityU
  5. This is a must-read. @rippleofhope, you’re awesome.…
  6. Well done, friend RT @rippleofhope: What was @Kickstarter thinking? Open letter on why rape culture’s never okay
  7. So of course, it felt nice to get some kudos.Then after Kickstarter apologized, this happened:
  8. @MasculinityU of course it took a blog post written by a male instead of 50,000 signatures from mostly females. Still a win, though.
  9. Main props to @dosomething RT @hkearl: @MasculinityU congrats on kickstarter apologizing and donating to RAINN! Great work
  10. …and I was upset. Because I know the people at DoSomething and they are wonderful and I know that 99.9999999% of the reason that Kickstarter took the actions they did was because they successfully mobilized tens of thousands of people. So here is my Storify attempt to chronicle their efforts:
  11. The Petition is Launched

  12. Help us get the word out! Tweet this petition to tell @kickstarter to shut down a how-to-rape book:… We can stop it!
  13. We’re close to 1k signatures to have @Kickstarter shut down funding to a book that teaches how to rape:… Help us!
  14. 1,000 of you have joined us to tell @Kickstarter NOT to fund a how-to-rape guide. Let’s keep it going! This ISN’T ok…
  15. WOW! We’re already at 7,000 signatures telling @Kickstarter to stop funding rape culture. Help us get more:…
  16. Allies Step Up

  17. Tell @kickstarter to refuse to fund a book that promotes sexual assault. Sign and share here! via @dosomething
  18. Handing over the signatures

  19. We’re headed to Kickstarter to present them nearly 50,000 SIGNATURES! (All in under 24 hours)…
  20. We’re delivering our petition with nearly 50k signatures to Kickstarter to tell them to stop funding a…
  21. Winning!

  22. Kickstarter Petition Update: WE WONAfter our petition gained over 61,095 signatures, Kickstarter has issued an official apology and statement here:….

    It’s titled, “We were wrong.” (Yup!) While they are still funding the dude, they’ve committed to reviewing their terms of service and will immediately prohibit “seduction guides,” or anything similar, effective immediately. They are also making a $25k contribution to RAINN. (No mention of us, the petition, or deleting your Facebook posts…)

    Our response:
    1. We’re proud. Despite the fact that the statement didn’t mention and the 60,000 young people who signed the petition…clearly, we won. Nice work. Lesson? When young people ROAR, it matters.

    2. We are thrilled Kickstarter is reviewing and changing its policies to stop anything like this from
    happening again. We think it’s lame that they are still funding the project – but we have reached out to the author himself to help him write something positive. He is meeting with one of our team this weekend for coffee.

    3. We love that our friends at RAINN will receive a donation to continue to combat sexual assault.

    4. We hope Kickstarter did something nice for that office manager…

    We’re happy we won this one…there is a lot more out there to tackle. Send us your ideas for campaigns and petitions:…

    You matter. When you roar, people listen and change happens.

  23. Thanks @Kickstarter for the apology and pledge to donate $25k to @RAINN01! @dosomething
  24. Wow! Kickstarter has issued an apology! The author is even having coffee w/ @dosomething WE DID IT! @SophiaBush
  25. Post-Mortem

  26. @kickstarter issued apology for not immdtly removing “seduction guide!” Thnx every1 who signed @dosomething petition!…
  27. Congrats to @dosomething for their successful petition to end the Kickstarter campaign to stop funding on a how to sexual assault book!
  28. .@Kickstarter apologizes but no mention of the @DoSomething petition, on a good note they donate $25k to @RAINN!…
  29. “In Wake of Creep ‘Dating’ Guide, Is it Time for Kickstarter to Do Something?” via @adage @portergale
  30. “How not to do Crisis PR (A Real-Time Case Study)” via @nancylublin @LinkedIn
  31. Big thx to our friends @dosomething for their petition against the “how-to” manual & to the 60k people who turned their outrage into action
  32. That is how it is done. That is how young people create change. That is how DoSomething does something.

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One thought on “How @DoSomething Did Something About @Kickstarter

  1. Unbelievable. That post by Julia Dixon (#9) really set me off. Do I support the rape book? Of course not. But to call out the website and the man that wrote the call-out (very well done, by the way) here because it was a MAN that did it? Sexism works both ways.

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