We #StandWithWendy in her fight

Watch this remarkable woman, Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis, stand up as one person against a bill that would greatly restrict women’s rights in Texas.

It is troublesome to me that men believe that they should be making laws to dictate the lives of women. That is institutionalized sexism at its very worst. When we stand against choice, when we stand against equal pay, when we stand against equality in any form, we are standing against women, ourselves, and the history of freedom that our country was founded on.

If we truly believe in equality and equity, then we must stand with Wendy as she fights for the rights of women to control their bodies and make their own informed (and often excruciatingly difficult) decisions.

If you find the reading of the testimonies in the filibuster hard to listen to, just think about how hard it much be to stand there and read them without breaking down. If you find yourself wanting to turn away and turn it off realize that ignorance is a privilege that we can no longer afford.


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